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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Angel's share and Devil's cut !!!!

The name

Many of us are aware of the Angel's share, yes it refers to the loss of a spirit or wine due to evaporation during long stay in barrels. Also a certain fungus (Baudoinia compniacensis or Torula) on the walls and ceiling of the cellar also plays a vital role in this evaporation. 

The new term in the market however is the Devil's cut, brought about by the famous Bourbon brand Jim Beam. They claim to reclaim whiskey which has been trapped deep inside the wood out of the barrel after the barrel has been dumped. They blend this pulled out whiskey with 6 year aged bourbon and market the product as 'Jim Beam's Devil's Cut' 

How does it taste?

Nose: Diffusion of baking spices, oak, and nuttiness
Taste: While the Angels have taken their share out of the barrel, the Devil has left a Southern ambrosia here. The overwhelming notes are cinnamon and red hot candies, but not so prevalent that it becomes overly sweet. There is a buttery note on this which rounds out the spice, sweet and woody notes.
A bite of fire and kick on the swallow. Noticeable DNA of Beam Bourbons with hints of the Small Batch collection, including fragments of the lightness of Basil’s Hayden and boldness of Baker’s.
While Devil’s Cut is 90 proof, it drinks a bit friendlier and doesn’t feel like 90 in the mouth.
Finish: Mellow and warm.

How is it made?

To create Devil’s Cut, Jim Beam is empties barrels of extra-aged Jim Beam Bourbon. The barrels are filled with water and mechanically agitated to pull the trapped Bourbon and flavors from the barrel wood. The liquid (with the extracted elements it now contains) is then held for an appropriate length of time in a proprietary process until it has developed the proper balance of Bourbon notes. In the final step, this special liquid is carefully added back to the extra-aged, 6-year Bourbon to create a finely-balanced, smooth 90 proof Devil’s Cut Bourbon. 

Cheers !!!!